Our Story

We are a group of people who loves fashion and learned fashion design for years. We founded this brand in July 2021, after the world’s big epidemic,we just graduated. Jenny (the co founder) knows she should do something. In order to add some income for the family, when Jenny was a child, her mother sew clothes for others to earn some money. Jenny graduated in 2021 when the epidemic broke out. She helped in her mother’s shop, but within a few days she find that the clothes made in the traditional way fits but have no sense of fashion. Jenny have always had a special feeling for unique design since she was a child. If she make some clothing herself, it must have her own brand and characteristics. Since then, Jenny gathered a few friends who graduated from design. Everyone of us loves animation, originality, and hand-painting, so we decided to create our own brand- Hooshop.com. Incorporating elements from various cultures, we designed romantic, fresh or smart printed versions, which are printed on our shirts.We care about Earth and environment. In our clothing, we show that heart-felt thoughts in details. We use fabrics that are more breathable, and can meet the color requirements of printing. The recycled fiber that made from more eco-friendly material (including plastic bottle) is to show that. And on how we print our designs without pollution, we use digital textile printing. The digital textile printing is more about one of prints and personalization, and with the progress of technology and changes in consumer behavior and the endless design variety. On top of that, it is a sustainable production with no pollution, and very low carbon footprint.

Digital textile printing allows us to bring new designs to market faster. Digital printing allows us to bring new designs to customers much quicker, allowing us to move from concept to finished piece in a fraction of the time. So far, we have many collections with different painting styles.Every type of fabric has been tested over a thousand times to make sure you are comfortable, confident, loved with it. We care about this planet as much as we care about you. We hope to create a comfortable environment for our customer and protect this world at the same time. This is us, devoting ourselves to more environmentally-friendly materials and technologies, making each piece of products healthier, safer, more skin-friendly. That’s why we would make sure every single process of the productions are green, clean and eco-friendly. We would love to remind you that taking a small step would make differences to protect the world, and we would invite you to join us.


The company mainly focuses on clothing & Apparel, accessories, shoes and other fashion items. We are a designer group and using eco-friendly materials e.g. recycled polyester (including plastic bottles) to make clothing and send them to our customers directly. The recycled fiber that made from more eco-friendly material (including plastic bottle) is to show that how we care about Earth. For the polyester material we use, we only work with the GRS certified suppliers of recycled products, so you can wear our clothing with confidence. 

(Our Manufactory & Warehouse in NO. 11 HuaQing Rd, PanYu GZ, CN)